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More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! Justice Department takes advantage of the latest Xmas toy craze in 'He Knows When You're Sleeping' by Rory McConville and Agustin Padilla; more corruption is uncovered at the heart of 'Megatropolis' by Ken Niemand and Dave Taylor; the Death cult welcome the Dark Judge in 'Deliverance' by David Hine and Nick Percival; the Judges storm a community in 'Dreadnoughts' by Mike Carroll and John Higgins; and The Returners head deeper into the haunted house in 'Heartswood' by Si Spencer and Nicolo Assirelli! Plus there's interviews, features, and in the bagged mini-trade, Madelyn Vespertine challenges the paranormal in 'The Alienist' by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Eoin Coveney!